Exclude Elements in the PDRI Assessment

Exclude Elements in the PDRI Assessment

Elements can be excluded in two ways: at the template level and in a specific assessment. Excluding project components at the template level will remove them from all assessments using that template, while excluding at the assessment level is conducted on a case-by-case basis.
The ability to exclude project components at the template level is part of the Professional Edition of Carve. Only Professional and Enterprise Edition customers will have access to the feature.

Before a PDRI session, the facilitator can exclude elements that are known to be not applicable to streamline the facilitation process with the project team.  Any elements that are explicitly excluded are not presented while in facilitation mode. To exclude an element;
  1. Within a PDRI session, navigate to one of the PDRI section tabs.
  2. Click on the grey round button in the Exclude column to the right of the element to be excluded.
  3. Click OK on the pop-up confirmation window.
In the example shown in the images below, element A.1 will be greyed out and the Exclude symbol will turn blue.

Exclude an Element in an Assessment
Exclude an Element in an Assessment

Exclude Element Confirmation
Exclude Element Confirmation

Excluded Element in AssessmentExcluded Element in Assessment

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