Reviewing Low Definition Elements

Reviewing Low Definition Elements

After completing the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) session, it is recommended that the Facilitator reviews the Low-Definition elements with the project team. These are elements which scored the highest and thereby potentially pose the greatest risk to the project.
  1. Select the Low-Definition Tab
  2. Under the Level dropdown, select the definition level appropriate for the PDRI stage. 
Low Definition Elements Tab (PDRI)Low Definition Elements Tab (PDRI)
The Count display shows the number of elements included in the low-definition list based on the filter criteria. Only the filtered elements displayed on this list will be included in the final report.
Click on the element name to view description for a low-definition element.

As the low-definition elements are reviewed, the project team may decide that additional action items are necessary. Use the Create Action Item button to add new action items.

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