Normalization Calculations

Normalization Calculations

The assessment score generated from a PDRI session is used to communicate the level of scope definition of any project. PDRI’s are scored out of 1000 and each element is given a score weighting. During the PDRI research process, members of CII’s research team realized different elements within PDRI represented different degrees of relative risk with respect to overall project success. Thus, it did not make sense to give all elements equal weightings.

As part of the PDRI research initiative, PDRI elements were given different weightings based on statistical analysis of data and extensive input from industry owners and contractors.
To compare PDRI projects, as is done in Carve, it is important all projects are scored out of 1000.  This may not be the case in some instances where one, or some elements, are not applicable to a particular project.  If an element is not applicable to a project it is assigned a score of “0” (rather than 1 to 5).
Normalization of total scores become important when you are excluding elements (definition level = 0). When elements are excluded, the maximum score becomes less than 1,000. Small projects present the most challenge as several elements or entire categories may be excluded.  In this case, the maximum score can be significantly less than 1,000. When this occurs, Carve will normalize the total score by removing the weighted value of the element from the total. For example, if an element has a weighting of 32 but is given a definition level = 0, the PDRI total will be measured out of 968 instead of 1,000. Through this method, Carve will provide a normalized score by taking the raw value of the remaining element scores and dividing by 968. 

In instances where all elements are applicable and assigned a definition level between 1 and 5, the normalized score and the raw score will be the same.

To view a completed assessment’s raw and normalized scores:
  1. Click on Projects at the top of the home menu to arrive at the Projects Dashboard 
  2. Identify and click the Project for which a PDRI assessment score will be reviewed
  3. The selected project will expand to reveal the active PDRI assessments
  4. Identify the PDRI assessment for which the raw and normalized score will be reviewed and click prepare on the right
  5. Click on the Summary tab
  6. In the top right two scores will be displayed. The top number is the normalized score which has removed element weightings with a score of 0. The second number is the raw score.
The normalized score will always be greater than or equal to the raw score

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