Polling for PDRI

Polling for PDRI

Polling is a highly effective technique to increase engagement and buy-in while scoring PDRI elements. Traditionally, 'clickers' (in-person workshops) and third-party web-based polling tools have been used.  With polling fully integrated into Carve, PDRI Facilitators will have an easy-to-use, efficient method of conducting polls with all participants. Polling can be used in virtual, hybrid, and in-person workshops.


In facilitation view, users will see a polling icon to the right of the element score bar.
Access to Polling Through Facilitation View (PDRI)Access to Polling Through Facilitation View (PDRI)

Click on the polling icon from an element within facilitation view to use the polling feature. From here:
  1. Copy and paste the polling link to session participants. This can be sent by email or other meeting chats. This link will be the same for each element poll, so participants will only need one link for the whole session. 
  2. Watch the number of responses increase as participants enter their answer.
  3. Once sufficient responses have been received, click Show to display the results.
  4. Click Clear to clear the results.
  5. Click Close to return to the element scoring window
Polling Window (PDRI)
Polling Window (PDRI)
The final score for the element needs to be entered by the facilitator/scribe on the element scoring window. (The poll results do not translate to an element score automatically)

PDRI Workshop Participants

Participants can access the poll through the poll link or the QR code. The QR code works well for participants to open the poll on their mobile device. Participants can then enter their vote by clicking on the selected score. Their selection will display to them in dark blue.
URL and QR Code to Access the PollURL and QR Code to Access the Poll
Participants do not require a log-in to Carve to participate in a poll, the link will open in a web browser on computer/laptop or mobile phone.
Participant View of Active Poll in Web Browser (PDRI)Participant View of Active Poll in Web Browser (PDRI)

The URL/link for the poll is the same for the entire assessment. If participants leave their polling window open, the screen will automatically refresh when the poll is closed and re-opened.

Participant View of Closed Poll in Web Browser (PDRI)Participant View of Closed Poll in Web Browser (PDRI)

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