Capturing PDRI Action Items

Capturing PDRI Action Items

During a Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) workshop, enter applicable action items by clicking the Action Items button, as shown in the image below. 

Capture Action Items in Facilitation View

Beneath the Action Items button is a table to show how many open and closed action items are captured for each element. 

When creating a new action item, enter the following details:
  1. Description of the Action Item. It is important the action items be clear, concise and articulate the related deliverables. 
  2. Assigned to. Enter the name of the individual with responsibility for completing the action item.
  3. Status. Action Items start with a status of Open. As the project progresses, the status can be updated to Cancelled or Closed.
  4. Due Date. Enter the expected completion date. It is recommended to have a specific date for completion. If there is not time to decide on dates during the session, these can be added after the session. 
Once the above details have been entered, select the blue check mark to save the action item (E). Select Back (F) to return to the element or repeat the above steps to add additional items for the element.
Create an action item

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