Steps to Conduct a PDRI Workshop

Steps to Conduct a PDRI Workshop

To begin the Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) Workshop, click the Prepare link beside the PDRI assessment from the Carve Project Dashboard. This will open the PDRI assessment.

Prepare Assessment Link

Within the PDRI assessment, select a PDRI section tab, as shown in the image below. It is recommended to start with the Basis of Project Decision section, followed by the Basis of Design, and then the Execution Approach. 

Assessment Screen, Section Tabs (PDRI)Assessment Screen, Section Tabs (PDRI)

From within the PDRI section view, click on the name of an element. It is recommended to start with the first element of the section. Clicking on the name of the element will open the facilitation view. Each element contains an element description. This will kick-start your discussion with the project team to assess the definition level of the element.

For each PDRI element, the facilitator/co-facilitator will use Carve to:
  1. Record comments during each element discussion.
  2. Record action items. These can be associated with an individual element, or to the project as a whole.
  3. Score each element on a scale from 1-5. Or, of the element is not applicable, score it a 0. Definition level descriptions are included in the PDRI MATRS Industrial 5.0 template to improve scoring consistency. 
    1. If necessary, Carve polling can be use to increase engagement and buy-in while scoring PDRI elements.
After each element has been discussed and scored within a PDRI section, move on to the next section until all sections have been completed. It is important to note that the newer PDRI templates include a fourth section on Accuracy. More details about the Accuracy section are available here

Once all sections have been completed, the facilitator can review the following sections with the project team:
  1. Action Items
  2. Low Definition Elements
  3. PDRI Score and MATRS Score (if applicable)

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